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PAY-ving the Way to your Golden Years



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ANCHOR LEAD: What it means to retire has changed considerably over the years, and now it often includes second careers, volunteer work and travel. Brian Osuch learns why many Americans may need to retool their long-term financial planning to help pave the way to their golden years. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Americans are living longer and that has redefined retirement. According to the 2015 Northwestern Mutual Planning & Progress Study, longevity is top of mind for many retirees. Northwestern Mutual's Steve Sperka… CUT: (Sperka) More and more of them are concerned about outliving their assets, can they generate an income over their lifespan. The second interesting finding, is less than half are doing anything in response to that risk. SCRIPT: Sperka encourages exploring the longevity question, trying the online Lifespan Calculator. CUT: (Sperka) The tool is called the LifeSpanCalc and it's located at LifeSpanCalc.com. It's a very interactive tool that will help people understand what is their life expectancy – based on some very simple things about their health and about their lifestyle and habits. SCRIPT: And that's just the first step, then it's smart to get help from a professional. CUT: (Sperka) Find a professional that can really help you understand the retirement equation for you and really put a plan in place. SCRIPT: For more, go to LifeSpanCalc.com. That's Newsbreak from Northwestern Mutual.
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