• 06-JUL-2015

  • SOURCE: Norway

Norwegian government hosts Oslo Summit: Education for Development on July 6-7

The Summit aims at mobilizing strong and renewed political commitment to reach the 58 million children who are still being denied their right to education, and to improve learning outcomes for those who attend school. The Summit has been initiated to help reverse the negative trend in international support for education and to contribute to enhanced domestic resource mobilisation. Innovative partnerships and results-oriented, well-coordinated development aid are crucial as we approach the deadline for the Millenium Development Goals and the adoption of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Oslo Summit will build on the outcomes of the World Education Forum in Korea in May 2015, and provide input to the third International Conference on Financing for Development in Ethiopia in July, as well as the subsequent UN high-level meeting in September, where the SDGs will be adopted.