• 16-AUG-2012

  • SOURCE: Nutrients for Life Foundation

How Does Your School's Garden Grow? Planting the Seeds of Education

Contrary to popular belief, carrots do not come from a plastic bag and lettuce is not grown in the supermarket. To help dispute this growing myth, some schools are showing students exactly where their food comes from – by turning the classroom into a garden.

Master Gardener, Dee McKenna shares her experiences from conceptualizing to building her local elementary school's learning garden – Benton's Backyard. She discusses the importance of teaching lessons outside of the classroom and how building a learning garden can provide the perfect opportunity. Dee also talks about the steps to take in creating your own school garden from getting permission to growing peppers.

The mother of three also shares gardening tips, from finding the right soil and fertilizer to knowing which veggies to plant and when. Having this background knowledge will allow teachers, parents and school administrators to better understand how a learning garden can truly help educate students about feeding the world.


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