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Secrets to Younger Looking Skin



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ANCHOR LEAD: Aging is a fact of life, but so many people today are looking for ways to look and feel younger. Brian Osuch has more on how you can defy your age. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. As we age, our skin ages too. To maintain that youthful glow well into our golden years, it's important to take care of our bodies from head to toe. The Bachelorette Star, Trista Sutter shares some of her secrets to aging beautifully… CUT: (Sutter) You really have to consider everything in your life. Making sure you eat a healthy balanced diet, really exercising and giving back to your body and keeping your fitness levels up. Also, obviously, taking care of the outside. SCRIPT: And your face isn't the only place where signs of aging show up… CUT: (Sutter) For me, fighting the aging process is something that's really important and I have found the perfect product to fight. And that is Olay's Age Defying Body Wash. It fights everything from the neck down. For me, that's dry skin and I think that keeping my skin really well hydrated from the neck down is so important. Just like we fight to keep our skin hydrated from the neck up, it's just as important to do so for the rest of our body. SCRIPT: For more, go to Olay.com. That's Lifestyles from Olay.
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