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ANCHOR LEAD: Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks have been ongoing for three years, and with the 18th round of negotiations kicking off in Malaysia this month… Brian Osuch finds out why intellectual property provisions are critical for innovative medicine and our economy. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak... The future of treatments for diseases like Alzheimer's and heart disease may be at risk. According to The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation's Dr. Robert Atkinson, the U.S. must push for strong IP provisions, such as biologic data protection rules reflecting U.S. law, at the upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. CUT: (Atkinson) U.S. law now offers innovators 12 years of data protection, recognizing just how long and how expensive it is to develop new drugs. Ensuring that the TPP maintains these protections will give innovators the incentive to continue to make risky investments. With IP industries accounting for over 30 percent of all U.S. jobs, it's critical that trade agreements have these robust IP protections. SCRIPT: The upcoming TPP talks mark the first time that major trade negotiations will take place under new U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman. CUT: Ambassador Froman has a real opportunity to break down foreign trade barriers, including weak intellectual property protection. Otherwise, we risk jeopardizing American innovation and American jobs. SCRIPT: For more, log onto I-T-I-F-dot-org. That's Newsbreak from The ITIF.
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