EPP Group wants international, job-friendly climate change action



EPP Group wants international, job-friendly climate change action
00.00-00.17 This climate conference is very important. And for us, as EPP, it’s very clear. We don’t own the planet. We’re only looking after it for the next generation and that gives us the moral responsibility to look after it well. And as the mother of an eight year old, I’m reminded of that every day. 00.30-00.47 We need to be ambitious and therefore we fully support our Commission President, who says that we need to have a reduction of at least 50% in 2030. But we also want certain conditions to be met. We want to make sure that the rest of the world plays a role and we want measures that actually work. 1.07-1.12 I’m so happy that young people actually have a cause that they fight for. 1.23-1.36 It’s now up to people who make policy to make sure that we have policies that deliver for these young people, for the future of our planet but also for a continent where jobs and growth is still guaranteed through clean industry.
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