New Commission, Climate change, Sakharov Prize



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28 Nov 2019

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New Commission, Climate change, Sakharov Prize
00.00-00.11 More than 200 million people, voters, went to the ballot boxes and voted in the new European Parliament. And now, after this democratic success, we have to bring the Commission into office. 00.58-1.06 If we are to stand a chance in the world, let us be the continent with the cleanest industry that keeps providing jobs also for the future. 00.22-00.46 Andrei Sakharov, Nelson Mandela, Václav Havel: I would never have imagined that one day my name would be mentioned together with theirs. It’s a huge honour and also a huge responsibility. Thank you for this. 00.20-00.45 The EPP gave clear promises to the voters. More security, internally fight against terrorism and organised crime, externally strengthen the border control. We want to have an economic future for Europe. We need trade deals. We need more research for having good products and services for tomorrow. And we want to have a good perspective for our ecological footprint of the Europeans. So fight against climate change. 00.54-00.58 And the EPP Commissioners are clearly committed to these ideas. 1.07-1.12 I’m so happy that young people actually have a cause that they fight for. 1.23-1.36 It’s now up to people who make policy to make sure that we have policies that deliver for these young people, for the future of our planet but also for a continent where jobs and growth is still guaranteed through clean industry. 2.31-2.55 By awarding Oleg Sentsov the Sakharov Prize, we wanted to send the message, not only to Oleg Sentsov, but to all those more than 70 political prisoners illegally detained - Ukrainian citizens - in Russia’s prisons that ‘we know about you’, that ‘we care about you’, that ‘we stand for you’. 00.48- I accept and take this prize not as a personal honour but as a prize to all Ukrainian political prisoners who have ever been in Russian prisons and a prize in honour of all Ukrainian political prisoners who are still there.
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