Parliament sends rule of law fact-finding mission to Malta



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02 Dec 2019

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Parliament sends rule of law fact-finding mission to Malta
1.32-1.49 There is no way that he can be Prime Minister until the end of January and still oversee a objective, neutral and fair process. So this will be one of the questions. Wouldn’t it be better if he would leave office and leave this up to a proper, independent investigator? 00.02-00.12 The situation in Malta at the moment is shocking. And it is one of the tasks of the Parliament to look after the rule of law in the Member States. And you can say a lot of things about Malta at the moment but rule of law is not there. 00.31-00.46 We have already seen many reports that checks and balances in the Maltese justice process are lacking and we want to make sure that, from a European Parliament perspective, there is going to be a very close scrutiny of what is going on in Malta at the moment. 3.19-3.35 On behalf of the EPP, we will be represented by our colleague Roberta Metsola. She is a permanent member of the rule of law monitoring group of the European Parliament. She has been to Slovakia before, she has been to Malta before. And more importantly, she has been calling for justice in the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia for over two years.
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