• 23-MAR-2012

  • SOURCE: Porter Novelli Public Services

The Calendar Diet

Americans are constantly making significant changes in their eating habits in order to achieve a healthy, nutritious diet. While many of us can manage a diet plan most days of the week, it can be hard to anticipate and outsmart diet roadblocks that can pop up throughout the year. From summer BBQs to Thanksgiving Day feasts to Super Bowl parties, we're often bombarded with a never-ending stream of special occasions that can sabotage even the savviest dieter.

Available for interviews, is Dr. Melina Jampolis (Me-lina Jam-pole-is), Author of The Calendar Diet and Board Certified Physician Nutrition Specialist. She will offer easy-to-follow, seasonal diet advice, healthy recipes and exercise tips. To tie all of this together, she will provide four key weight loss tools including a menu plan filled with recipes made from seasonal fruits and vegetables, a month-by-month guide to tackling challenging eating situations, motivational tips to keep you on track throughout the year and a build-your-own-workout section. She will also highlight the importance of supplementing your diet with essential nutrients such as vitamin D and fish oil.