• 07-JUN-2013


America's Sweetheart Tenley Molzahn On How Going Gluten-Free Changed Her Life

Reality Star Turned Certified Health Coach Shares Her Experience and Offers Advice, Tips and Recipes

Best known to television audiences as America's Sweetheart from ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, Tenley Molzahn has had a difficult personal journey and now shares a message of hope and inspiration.

Tenley discovered at age twenty-four that she was gluten intolerant. Now, after seeing the dramatic changes a gluten-free lifestyle has had on her well-being, Tenley is working to raise awareness about what gluten is and about her own journey.

Tenley talks about her personal experiences and how eliminating gluten from her diet has changed her life. She discusses how to overcome the challenges of changing your diet and shares her tips for making the gluten-free lifestyle enjoyable and nutritious.

Available content includes soundbites from Tenley Molzahn, and B-roll.