• 14-FEB-2013


This Valentine's Day Can Improving Your Finances Improve Your Romance?

Joe Duran, Author of the Bestselling New Book The Money Code On Why Understanding Our Attitudes about Money Can Improve Our Relationships

Whether you're dating, in a committed relationship, engaged, or married money plays a huge role in our lives and our relationships. Money matters are inevitably emotionally charged, not always rational and when couples disagree about financial decisions it can lead to serious arguments and in some cases even end relationships that were otherwise happy.

But according to Joe Duran, author of the bestselling new book, The Money Code, by understanding our underlying emotions towards money (and those of our partner's) we can begin to communicate more honestly with each other about financial decisions and improve our relationships.

Duran says the process begins by determining your "Money Mind™." Duran describes the various Money Minds™ including "pleasure seeker", "giver" or "protector".

Available content includes soundbites from Joe Duran.


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