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What Color is Your...Car?



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ANCHOR LEAD: If you're in the automotive industry you'd know that in the 70's the colors of choice were gold and beige. In the 90's, there were the deep hunter and "polo" greens referred to as the "Ralph Lauren effect." So what's the next color trend in cars? Bobbi Owens has more. (:59) SCRIPT: Zero to Sixty, I'm Bobbi Owens. Color can affect our mood, behavior and even our shopping habits. So that's why it's important for Jane Harrington, Color Stylist for PPG Industries, a leader in the automotive coating market to stay on top of the trends that can affect consumer buying habits, especially when it come to cars. Jane, what's the number one car color this year and why? CUT: (Harrington) The key color this year is white. It's not just plain white vanilla. It's anything from a creamy white, to a metallic white to a pearl white, to an arctic white. If you think about how Apple introduced a lot of its products, it's in white. So we think that maybe consumers have gained this interest in a bright white due to that. SCRIPT: What's the next wave of color? CUT: (Harrington) Oranges and browns. We obviously wouldn't call them just orange and brown. We'd call them something like "element" or "flame. And then the browns would be like "Godiva" or "saddle" to kind of evoke the image that the color creates. SCRIPT: For more on automotive colors, visit P-P-G-dot-com. That's Zero to Sixty from PPG Industries. I'm Bobbi Owens.
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