• 27-JUN-2013

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Eat Your Way to a Healthy Summer

Tanya Zuckerbrot, Creator of the F-Factor Diet, Discusses Five Simple Ways to Incorporate Nutritious Foods Into Your Diet

With summer in full swing, it's a perfect time to kick healthy food habits into full gear. A recent national survey found that nearly 50% of Americans are concerned about making healthy food choices this summer, and 68% tend to eat more fruits and vegetables in the summer months, confirming that the summer time is a great motivator to get healthy.

Author and creator of the F-Factor Diet, a program based on fiber-rich nutrition, Tanya Zuckerbrot suggests that a core part of healthy eating includes choosing fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. Unfortunately, according to the survey, half of Americans do not know how much fiber they are getting daily, and 62% don't know how much they should be getting.

To ensure a healthy and nutritious summer, Zuckerbrot recommends five simple tips:

1. Eat all colors of the rainbow because brightly colored foods pack a powerful nutrition punch.
2. Stick to foods high in fiber like asparagus, broccoli, raspberries and snap peas because foods containing fiber can help to maintain a healthy weight and lower risks of diabetes and heart disease, among other health benefits.
3. Choose healthy options even when on the road; it isn't as hard as it might seem—most grab-and-go places offer healthier options.
4. Eat produce "in season" so cooking and prep time is minimized and additional flavoring/seasoning isn't as necessary.
5. When grocery shopping, plan ahead and think about how long produce can last while retaining as much of the nutrients as possible. Sometimes it is worth it to make an extra trip to the market.

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