• 05-JUN-2013

  • SOURCE: Prestige Brands

Going The Extra Mile This Summer

Fitness Consultant, Ashley Borden, Shares Tips for a Successful Run, Results from a New Survey on Running and Ideas on How to Maximize Your Exercise Activities This Summer

Color Runs, Rock 'n' Roll Marathons, Mud Runs, and Warrior Dashes—these days running is less about counting miles and more about getting inspired and feeling strong. Whether you're ready to sign up for your first 5K or train for your fifth marathon, fitness consultant Ashley Borden shares her top tips for having many great runs this summer, as well as how to take your exercise activities to the next level.

In addition, Ashley shares insights and analysis from a recent survey on running culture.
• On motivation: 40% of runner respondents said they are inspired by someone who has the discipline, determination, strength and stamina to set a running goal and stick with it, no matter what, until the goal is achieved
• On treating injuries; 32% said that they treat minor injuries with common household products such as mouth wash, petroleum jelly, scotch/masking/duct tape while they are running and 37% of runner respondents admitted to wearing a costume while running

Available content includes soundbites from Ashley Borden.


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