• 23-JUL-2012

  • SOURCE: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Telecom Operators to Kick-Start Network Decommissioning

Telecom report coverage image
Telecom operators around the world plan to decommission their older networks at the same time as they upgrade their network technologies to improve performance and increase capacity. Nearly 90 percent of wireline operators and more than 60 percent of wireless operators said they intend to decommission legacy networks during the next five years.

In its report 'Clearing the Way: The 2012 Outlook for Telecom Network Decommissioning' PwC's Global Communications Industry Practice found that operators are targeting network decommissioning primarily as a means of reducing operating costs. Many wireless operators, for example, continue to operate 2G and 3G networks while deploying 4G technology. Similarly, many wireline operators are maintaining copper access, while overlaying it with fibre.


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