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Do You Feel the Burn?



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ANCHOR LEAD: Frequent heartburn sufferers; don't fire up the grill just yet. For the 50 million Americans who suffer from its symptoms, summer may be a time they feel the burn more frequently. Bobbi Owens has more. (:59) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Bobbi Owens. This summer you may be feeling the burn… and I'm not talking about a sunburn. A recent study conducted for Prilosec OTC reveals it's prime time heartburn season, and nearly half of Americans identified BBQ season as the time of year when they are most likely to suffer from heartburn symptoms. Dr. Su Sachar is a Gastroenterologist. Dr. Sachar, are there specific things that trigger heartburn? CUT: (Dr. Sachar) Drinks, heavy strenuous exercises, environment and stress. SCRIPT: So how can we control heartburn symptoms? CUT: (Dr. Sachar) First I recommend Prilosec OTC to my patents. One pill a day for 14 days blocks the acid that causes frequent heartburn. Next, I highly recommend keeping a food diary, since different foods, trigger different people. And lastly, maintaining an ideal body weight is not only good for overall health but also for heartburn health. SCRIPT: For more tips and information on how to control heartburn, visit prilosec-otc-dot-com. That's Lifestyles from Prilosec. I'm Bobbi Owens.
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