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ANCHOR LEAD: Training for the Olympics takes lots of heart and dedication. And one Olympic hopeful is hopping back into the pool – proving she still has what it takes to go for the gold! Bobbi Owens has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Bobbi Owens. After a 15 year hiatus, four-time gold medal Olympian and mother of two, Janet Evans returns to Olympic competition. This past January, 40-year old Janet 's remarkable performance in the Olympic Team Trials qualified her for both the 400 and 800-meter freestyle. So hopefully, next stop, the London 2012 Olympic Games. Janet, what's your training routine like? CUT: (Evans) Well, I train about five hours a day. I swim two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon, a total of about ten miles a day. I also lift weights a little bit. I'm also as a 40-year old, I've also learned that in order to train at the rate I need to train I also need to take better care of my body. SCRIPT: So, how do you stay healthy? CUT: (Evans) We have a family history of heart disease, and so I'm honored to partner with Metamucil to educate Americans about their heart health. I take Metamucil everyday to keep my cholesterol low, to get some fiber in my diet. I think it's helped my training, but at the end of the day most importantly it's helped me be a little more healthy and take care of my heart. SCRIPT: For more heart healthy tips visit, Metamucil-dot-com. That's Lifestyles from Metamucil.
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