• 07-JUN-2012

  • SOURCE: Procter & Gamble

Four-Time Gold Medalist Janet Evans Gears Up For 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Swimming<br><i>Evans Dives into Challenge After 15 Year Retirement

Janet Evans, a four-time gold medal Olympian and mother of two, is embarking on a return to the London 2012 Olympic Games after a 15 year hiatus – and at the age of 40. Touted as the one to watch, Janet is committed to following her heart – and also taking care of it – to make sure it's strong enough to take on competitors half her age.

In January 2012, Janet proved the naysayers wrong and qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Swimming in Omaha, NE the week of June 25. Her remarkable performance qualified her for both the 400 and 800-meter freestyle. From there, the next stop is London!

As the days count down to Omaha, Janet is in the zone, training hard and taking care of her body. Her secret? Maintaining a healthy diet, fitness schedule, and happy home life during the last 15 years away from the sport. Janet knows the importance of always being proactive about her health, whether training for the Olympic Games, or running around as a busy mom.

Available content includes soundbites from Janet Evans, and B-roll.


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