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I Am Woman, Watch Me Invest!



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ANCHOR LEAD: When it comes to family breadwinners, a new study, finds women are bringing home the bacon in record numbers. Bobbi Owens has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Your Financial Fitness, I'm Bobbi Owens. Who wears the pants in your household? Well, according to a new research study conducted by Prudential, women are more in control of their finances than ever before. Lynnette Khalfani-Cox is a personal finance expert and "The Money Coach." Lynnette, what did the study find? CUT: (Khalfani-Cox) One of the key findings in the new Prudential financial survey, is that about 53% of women are actually the primary breadwinners in their household. A large part of that is because their spouses or their partners, the folks who they're living with have in fact in some cases lost their jobs. SCRIPT: Lynnette says when it comes to your finances there are many benefits to working with a financial planner. CUT: (Khalfani-Cox) People tend to feel more confident about their choices and about their economic prospects for the future. They tend to get better advice as supposed to say relying on information on the Internet, or relying on the counsel of friends and colleagues. And also you have someone who can give you a financial plan, who can lay out a path for you to reach financial goals. SCRIPT: For more on the study, log onto prudential-dot-com-slash-women. That's Your Financial Fitness from Prudential.
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