• 02-MAY-2016

  • SOURCE: Prudential Financial, Inc.

How Long Could You Live Without A Paycheck?

ANCHOR LEAD: In 2013, the Social Security Administration noted that a 20-year-old worker has a three in 10 chance of becoming disabled before retirement age. Brian Osuch finds out that everyday is the right time to consider how to help protect your financial security in the event you're not able to work. (:60)

SCRIPT: In the Know, I'm Brian Osuch. An illness or injury can put you out of work for weeks and set you back multiple paychecks. The Prudential Insurance Company of America's Jake Biscoglio says true financial wellness includes protecting yourself financially from unexpected risks that render you unable to work.

CUT: (Biscoglio) A 2014 American Payroll Association survey found 66% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Is that you? Now, lets say something unexpected happens and you need a herniated disk repaired, the average amount of time out of work is about six weeks, that's three paychecks. Can your financial house withstand that loss?

SCRIPT: May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, time to think about how you would manage if you could not work to earn a paycheck.

CUT: (Biscoglio) A disability can happen to anyone. The Prudential Income Protection Plan is a short term and long term disability insurance coverage that helps ensure you get a paycheck while you're off the job because of an injury or illness.

SCRIPT: For more, go to Prudential.com/incomeprotection. That's In the Know from Prudential.

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