• 21-FEB-2012

  • SOURCE: Prudential Financial, Inc.

Prudential Retirement Encourages Retirement Readiness

Christine Marcks, President, Prudential Retirement
Statement by Christine Marcks, President, Prudential Retirement on America Saves Week "Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement and year by year the idea seems more elusive. According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, 27 percent of workers are not at all confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement. This is the highest level measured in 21 years."

During America Saves Week, Feb. 19-Feb. 26, Prudential will do its part to help Americans struggling with personal retirement income challenges, by encouraging them to reduce debt, participate in their workplace retirement plans, encourage them to save more and help them make smarter investment choices that will boost their accumulated savings.

We are observing America Saves Week by strongly encouraging American workers to start saving today, even if only to set aside one percent of their pay. For those already contributing, we urge them to steadily increase their savings as their incomes grow. By starting now, individuals will be able to paint a new retirement reality and see themselves on a more secure path to and through retirement.

Our new campaign, "How Do I Know if I'm on Track for Retirement," is a call to action for participants to access our Retirement Income Calculator (live link), where they are able to assess their portfolios, gauge their retirement readiness and refine their contributions and plans. When participants use the calculator and see how their savings translates into retirement income, more than 22 percent have chosen to increase their contribution rates.

Prudential will also offer Overcoming Today's Challenges, Improving Tomorrow's Outcomes,' a new year-long Webinar series for its plan participants, designed to help employees solve their personal retirement challenges. Upcoming webinars will include 'The Generational Challenger: How Do I Save for Retirement?' and 'The Power of Your Workplace Retirement Plan.'

"Prudential Retirement remains focused on helping American workers plan better today to achieve a comfortable, certain and secure retirement tomorrow."

For more information on Prudential Retirement, America Saves Week or to speak to Christine Marcks, contact Dawn Kelly at (973) 802-7134, (201) 406-7248 or email: dawn.kelly@prudential.com.