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It's America Saves Week



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ANCHOR LEAD: According to an EBRI study, one in four American workers doesn't feel confident that they'll be prepared for retirement. Brian Osuch has more on some simple changes you can make in your behavior to help bulk up your retirement savings. (:60) SCRIPT: Financial Fitness, I'm Brian Osuch. It's America Saves Week, and a time to really focus on your retirement savings. Christine Marcks is the President of Prudential Retirement and she says there are five common human behaviors that may be sabotaging your savings goals. CUT: (Marcks) Number one - "I might live how long" - most people don't realize they may live 20 years or longer in retirement. That's why saving for the long-term is a priority today. Behavior number two is "I'll do it later" - every year you put off saving for your retirement means less money when you need it most. Number three - "It won't happen to me" - it's important to be realistic and always plan for the unexpected. Behavior number four is "I just can't resist " - people often follow what others are doing, but staying on track for retirement means resisting peer pressure. Finally, "I want it now" - impulse purchases can be devastating to your long-term financial goals. SCRIPT: Marcks says it's a good idea to join workplace retirement plans or open an IRA... then encourage yourself to save to help succeed in your retirement goals. That's Financial Fitness from Prudential Retirement. For more information, please visit bringyourchallenges.com.
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