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Outsmart Your Brain To Reach Your Retirement Goals



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ANCHOR LEAD: We’re facing a Retirement Readiness challenge in the US. As a country, we’re living longer, saving less and many Americans are at risk of running out of money in retirement. Brian Osuch finds out why now is a good time to take a small step that can have a big impact on your financial future. (:60) SCRIPT: Financial Fitness, I’m Brian Osuch. According to the 2014 EBRI study more than half of all working-age households are inadequately prepared for retirement. It’s America Saves Week and Prudential’s Christine Marcks says we need to outsmart our brains to make progress in saving for tomorrow. CUT: (Marcks) We have access to more financial information than ever before, but people still struggle to save. Our research shows that the reason may lie in how our brains are wired to respond to the environment. Humans are developed to focus on survival in the here and now, not to plan for complex challenges far into the future. SCRIPT: Marcks says we can overcome our brains’ bias toward short-term thinking and save more for retirement by focusing on small, simple actions. CUT: (Marcks) America Saves Week is the perfect time to start. Instead of trying to tackle multiple savings and budgeting issues at the same time, commit to just one action. We recommend setting aside just one percent more of your annual income – an additional penny on every dollar – to strengthen your retirement plan. SCRIPT: Take Prudential’s 1% more pledge at Race-for-Retirement-dot-com. That’s Financial Fitness from Prudential Financial.
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