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ROOTED IN ANATOMY & INSPIRED BY NATURE…. PUMA Mobium Elite is a game-changing new running shoe in a category all its own -”Adaptive Running.” The Mobium Elite adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot naturally does in stride. The Mobium Elite is comprised of three advanced technologies, all proprietary to PUMA: Expansion Pods, the Windlass Chassis, and the Mobium Band, which together operate as a system to move the foot through an entire gait cycle to encourage a more efficient mid-foot strike. The outsole’s Expansion Pods mirror the foot’s own bones and pads - delivering added cushioning, protection, and flexibility--providing support where it’s needed most when running. The shoe’s upper and outsole work in unison with the Windlass Chassis, changing in length, height, and proportion to the foot’s natural movement to adapt to your foot. The Mobium Band, inspired by the foot’s tendons, is an elasticized band that runs through the outsole. The more force that’s applied, the more spring it returns.
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