• 19-SEP-2013


Usain Bolt Speeds Up Sergio Agüero For Manchester Derby

Manchester, United Kingdom - A rather unusual encounter took place yesterday ahead of this Sunday's much anticipated Manchester Derby.  Usain Bolt, the World's Fastest Man, caught up with Manchester City's star striker Sergio Agüero to give him a unique lesson in speed.

Having identified Agüero as City's most dangerous player, the Jamaican United fan pretended to help Sergio pep up his pace, but as the session progressed it became apparent he had an ulterior motive.   His passing was excessively poor, and saw the Argentinean running around all over the place in his attempts to keep up. Instead of sharpening the striker's sprinting skills as suggested, Bolt seemed to be trying to exhaust Agüero and influence the Manchester Derby in favour of his team.

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