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What You Need To Know About Women And Sleep



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ANCHOR LEAD: What constitutes a good night's sleep for women, and how is it different for men? Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Health Care Now, I'm (Announcer name). When it comes to women's well-being, quality sleep is as important as a nutritious diet and regular exercise, the other pillars of good health. But a recent survey shows that women aren't prioritizing it. Sleep expert Dr. Carmel Harrington says once women address the quality of their sleep, they can see improvements in many areas of their lives. CUT: (Harrington) Quality sleep is essential in helping women live their lives to the fullest. But if women are not aware of the symptoms of poor sleep and how they differ from men's, they may not discuss them with their doctors. SCRIPT: Many doctors even misdiagnose common sleep conditions in women, like sleep apnea, as something else, like depression. CUT: (Harrington) Don't dismiss or try to battle through feelings of fatigue. Speak with a doctor if you experience symptoms of poor quality sleep, such as daytime tiredness or headaches, insomnia or even snoring. Your doctor can test for common sleep conditions, which can lead to treatment that will help you reclaim your sleep and live better. SCRIPT: For more information, visit BetterSleepForWomen.com. That's Health Care Now from ResMed.
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