• 14-JUN-2012

  • SOURCE: Rolex

Rolex Announces Winners of Global Awards for Enterprise: Five Visionaries on Five Continents Become Laureates - Video Available

The Rolex Awards For Enterprise, Erika Cuéllar, Bolivia, 2012 Laureate
Five visionaries, whose projects have the potential to save millions of lives and protect endangered wildlife and ecosystems, have been announced in London as the 2012 winners of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. The five pioneering men and women are carrying out groundbreaking projects in Australia, Bolivia, Kenya, Russia and the United States.

The winners will each receive 100,000 Swiss francs and a Rolex chronometer. Chosen from more than 3,500 applicants from 154 countries by an independent Jury of international experts, the five new Laureates are:

Sergei BEREZNUK from Russia, using technology and education targeted at the younger generation to protect the last Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East. Barbara BLOCK from United States, spearheading efforts to preserve part of the Pacific Ocean by tracking marine predators off the North American coast with a series of underwater listening stations. Erika CUÉLLAR from Bolivia, training indigenous people in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina to conserve the biodiversity of one of South America's last truly wild environments, the Gran Chaco. Mark KENDALL from Australia, a bio-engineer who is developing a "Nanopatch" to replace needles in vaccination. The technology has the potential to save millions of lives in the developing world by making the process painless, safer, cheaper and more effective. Aggrey OTIENO from Kenya who wants to save the lives of hundreds of mothers and babies in a Nairobi slum each year by providing them with a lifeline to obstetric medical care through a telemedicine centre.

The Laureates join the 115 individuals from 42 countries whose spirit of enterprise and concern for the environment and mankind have earned support and recognition from Rolex Awards in the last 36 years in areas including science and health, applied technology, exploration and discovery, the environment, and preservation of cultural heritage. Available material includes video content from the press conference and still images.



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