• 03-JUL-2015

  • SOURCE: SeaWorld

Sharks: A Deeper Understanding

5 Threats to Sharks
Learn more about these feared, but fascinating animals and their importance to the health of our oceans

Sharks are increasingly in the news as the summer season brings more visitors to beaches. Several shark attacks over the past several weeks have people asking questions about these feared, but fascinating animals.

Sharks are predators that help maintain an important balance in the marine ecosystem. Despite the recent increase in shark attacks, they are still very rare. In fact, a person is more likely to be killed by a cow, attacked by a pig, struck by lightning or win the lottery than killed by a shark. Yet today, humans pose the greatest risk to many shark species. Hundreds of millions of sharks are killed annually for their fins or as bycatch during commercial fishing, and a decrease in their food supply threatens many species of sharks. Learning to respect and appreciate sharks is vital to protecting these remarkable animals.

Mike Price, assistant curator of fishes at SeaWorld San Diego, shares information about the importance of sharks to the ecosystem, the threats facing this species and where you can learn more about them


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