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"Dad, Where Does Data Come From?"



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ANCHOR LEAD: Accessing information has never been so easy… whether it's an email, text message or even using your debit card to pay for your morning coffee. But, did you know all that information is likely housed in a data center. Kate Brooks has more on how over half a million of these data centers worldwide are keeping information safe and secure. (:60) SCRIPT: Technology now, I'm Kate Brooks. Ninety percent of worldwide data was created in the last two years. And Siemens', John Kovach says people expect to access that data anytime and from any place. CUT: (Kovach) If I want to access it from my smart phone or my PC or at work, I wanna be able to do that, so that's where the data center comes into play because you can go up into the cloud via the Internet and access the data off of the servers and pull it down where and when you need it. SCRIPT: Data centers come in all shapes and sizes, and can range from the floor of a building to a huge facility larger than a football field. And Kovach adds all this information needs to be stored in a safe and secure way. CUT: (Kovach) It's amazing how much is invested into the data centers to make sure that they're reliable, from redundant power systems including battery backups and backup generators to very sophisticated fire and life safety devices down to security or the perimeter security and iris scanners or biometric identification techniques. SCRIPT: For more information, log onto USA-dot-Siemens-dot-com-slash-Data-Centers. That's Technology now from Siemens.
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