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ANCHOR LEAD: This summer's record high temperatures are putting a huge strain on our nation's power grid. And it's clear that in order to keep up with the times, we'll need to "smarten up." T.K. Anderson has more. (: 59) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm T.K. Anderson. Without it, we'd be in the dark, but as it stands today our U.S. electrical grid is outdated and needs to be updated or made "smarter" in order to manage today's energy demands. That's why utility companies across the country have been working hard to modernize the grid, creating new "smart" features that will save money and energy over the long run. Larsh Johnson of Siemens' Smart Grid Division. CUT: (Johnson) A "smart grid" is really a collection of technologies similar to a highway system, where there are sensors that monitor traffic flow and metering to help reduce congestion at peak times. A smart grid helps monitor and manage power more efficiently and effectively when loads are high… SCRIPT: Johnson says investing in a smart grid can save consumers money. CUT: (Johnson) A smart grid helps users better understand how and when they consume power, and lets them decide when are the best and cheapest times for them to use electricity, so they can reduce their monthly utility bills considerably. SCRIPT: For more, visit usa-dot-siemens-dot-com-slash-smartgrid. That's Newsbreak from Siemens. I'm T.K. Anderson.
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