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Family Gaming Trends for 2016



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ANCHOR LEAD: Video gaming has come a long way as an established form of family entertainment. Brian Osuch has more on how kids and parents can 'log in' for family fun. (:60) SCRIPT: Entertainment Now, I'm Brian Osuch. More than ever, today's parents are concerned about the types of content their kids are consuming online. John Koller of Sony Computer Entertainment America has more on the growing impact of family gaming. CUT: (Koller) More than 90% of parents whose kids play video games, play with their kids. The ability to easily monitor games is really an important part. There's a resurgence in these family friendly games that will provide a lot of family value. SCRIPT: The holiday season is offering a variety of exciting games on the hot trend list. CUT: (Koller) There's a real diverse array of content this holiday season. Everything from a game called "Tearaway" to "Star Wars Battlefront," "Guitar Hero Live" and "Uncharted" collections, something for everyone. SCRIPT: Gamers have a lot to look forward to in the New Year with exciting groundbreaking technology being introduced. CUT: (Koller) We have our Virtual Reality headset launching later in the year called PlayStation VR, which places you immediately in the action. It absolutely needs to be seen to be believed, it's fantastic. SCRIPT: For more, visit us.playstation.com. That's Entertainment Now from Sony Computer Entertainment America.
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