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ANCHOR LEAD: New friends, plus new teachers and a new school, if you do the math it can only mean one thing... back-to-school season. But wait, is it too early? Well, one family expert says it's not too early to stock up on those back-to-school items. Bobbi Owens has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Bobbi Owens. The first day of class may be months away, but Deb Geigis Berry, Contributing Editor of Family Fun magazine says you should start tucking away those back to school items now, so you can enjoy the rest of the summer. Deb, what's the first step in planning a shopping trip for back to school supplies? CUT: (Geigis Berry) It's very important to stay on a budget. Have a family meeting and sit down with your kids and let them know exactly what you have to spend. They should always come with you to the store so they're aware of how the money is being spent. SCRIPT: Do you have any money saving tips? CUT: (Geigis Berry) Staples has a terrific program right now, where you bring your old binder in, no matter what the condition it is, from last year, and they will give you two-dollars off a new binder. SCRIPT: What's the must have back-to-school item this year? CUT: (Geigis Berry) A locker chandelier, and it's battery operated and it hangs in a locker. And it's nothing you need but it's something your daughter will probably want. SCRIPT: For more back-to-school ideas and deals visit, staples-dot-com-slash-back-to-school. That's Lifestyles from Staples. I'm Bobbi Owens
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