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Packing Up and Moving Out



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ANCHOR LEAD: Small businesses are always adjusting with the times and that includes their actual business location. May is National Moving Month and Brian Osuch finds out what small business owners need to consider when planning a move from Point A to Point B. (:60) SCRIPT: Business Sense, I’m Brian Osuch. Is your small business on the move? Anita Campbell is a small business expert and says relocating requires some planning and preparation to ensure your company remains productive… CUT: (Campbell) First, make a list and outline what has to be organized, coordinated and physically moved. It’s easy to forget about the little things like manuals, folders and contents of individual workstations. SCRIPT: Once the list is complete, it’s time for the actual packing up and moving out… CUT: (Campbell) You’ll need bubble rolls and packing peanuts for electronics and of course you’ll need boxes, don’t just get big boxes, small and medium-sized boxes are easier to lift and carry. All of these items are readily available at Staples, my go to spot for moving supplies. SCRIPT: Next, is notifying customers about your move… CUT: (Campbell) Always put up professional signage at your old and new location. Staples Print and Marketing Services has what you need to get professional banners and signs printed quickly and cost effectively. SCRIPT: Campbell also recommends sending out change-of-address cards to customers and suppliers. For more, go to Staples.com. That’s Business Sense from Staples. I’m Brian Osuch.
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