• 25-JUN-2014

  • SOURCE: Starbucks

Travel Expert Stefanie Michaels aka "Adventure Girl" Reveals Her Favorite Fourth of July Destinations and Gives Tips to Add Excitement to any Road Trip

If the phrase "Road Trip!" evokes visions of overwhelming planning and endless hours without a bathroom break – you're doing it wrong! Whether your next trip is just the means to get to your vacation destination, or it is the vacation, Stefanie Michaels, aka "Adventure Girl," and Starbucks have teamed up to make it easier to plan, enjoy and stay fueled the next time you hit the road.

Stefanie talks about planning the perfect road trip and reveals her favorite Fourth of July travel spots, the first in a series of summer road trip ideas that will be shared throughout the summer. She also gives tips and tricks for adding adventure to any trip and discusses the results of a new travel survey including - What is the single most important item on a road trip? What is the biggest frustration? How many people plan to take a road trip this summer? (hint: LOTS)