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ANCHOR LEAD: Social media is shaping the technology world. So much so, that a popular search engine has now added the power of social media into its search engine. T.K. Anderson has more. (: 60) SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm T.K. Anderson. The popular search engine Bing-dot-com has become the first search engine to combine social media with search. The new "social search", enables users to spend less time searching and more time doing. Cali Lewis is a Social Media Expert and Host of GeekBeat.TV. Cali, what is social search? CUT: (Lewis) What it is is combining the best of the web, your internet searches that you're used to, as well as your online presence with Facebook, Twitter, all your friends over there and combining them together in one activity to make searching more powerful. SCRIPT: How does it work? CUT: (Lewis) Think about it this way, you always ask your friends for advice, so that involves going on Facebook.com and asking, maybe picking up the phone for a few of your friends, but then you're also going to wind up doing some searches online and doing research that way. The ability to have all of that in one place without going from here, to here, to here, saves you a ton of time. It's great! SCRIPT: To learn more about Bing's new social search, log onto bing-dot-com. That's Technology Now from Bing.
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