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Hollywood's Biggest Night



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ANCHOR LEAD: With the Academy Awards almost among us and tons of talk swirling around what to expect Sunday night, it may be difficult to stay on top of all the chatter coming out of Tinsel Town. But, there is one way… Kate Brookes has the story. (:58) SCRIPT: Entertainment Now, I'm Kate Brookes. With the Academy Awards just days away, Hollywood is buzzing about who's going to win… who they'll be wearing… and who they're taking to the party. TV Movie Critic, Ben Lyons says it's easy to be part of the action. CUT: (Lyons) There's so much trending online right now of course about the Oscars so it is kind of hard to stay on everything. But if you use a search engine like Bing it really helps you stay up to speed because it provides the latest news, information and of course some opinions from your Facebook friends and experts like me on Twitter. SCRIPT: Lyons says now's the time to get caught up on celebrity news, fashion, and of course, the movies themselves. CUT: (Lyons) Not everyone has been able to see every nominated film, but of course people want to still be in the know. So Bing lets you quickly access reviews, trailers and tweets, as well as relevant comments, photos, and check-ins from your Facebook friends. SCRIPT: For more, log onto Bing-dot-com and connect to Facebook to get both scoop and inspiration this awards season. That's Entertainment Now from Bing.
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