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Move Over Bieber…



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ANCHOR LEAD: As we get set to ring in the New Year, what person do you think held our interest and appealed to us the most throughout 2012? President Obama? Mitt Romney? Honey Boo Boo? The answer? Kendra Johanssen has more. (:57) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Kendra Johanssen. For many of us, year-end is a time to look back at our accomplishments and memorable moments. And Bing did just that. From reality TV stars, to teen pop sensations, to top news stories Bing has taken a look back at what mattered most to us in 2012. Bing's Karin Muskopf. CUT: (Muskopf) Bing's top search results of the year reflect what fascinated Americans the most. This year, Kim Kardashian regained her crown from 2010 as the "Most Searched Person of the Year," edging out last year's winner Justin Bieber. But when it came to music, Justin Bieber remained king as the "Most Searched Musician of the Year." SCRIPT: Bing also had its finger on the pulse when it came to news and sports. CUT: (Muskopf) Peyton Manning and his comeback to the NFL made him the "Most Searched Athlete." And it's no surprise that the build-up leading up to the much anticipated release of the iPhone 5 made this the "Most Searched News Story" on Bing in 2012. SCRIPT: To check out all the top searches in news, celebs, sports and more, log onto Bing-trends-dot-com. That's Lifestyles from Bing. I'm Kendra Johanssen.
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