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New Online Destination To Host Largest Interactive State Of The Union Experience In History



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ANCHOR LEAD: A recent Bing survey showing nearly 75 percent of people identified themselves as active members of online political discussions. And now, there's a way to actually participate and share opinions during the big speech like never before. T.K. Anderson has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm T.K. Anderson. Bing and FOX News Channel have partnered to launch the first-of-its kind Bing Pulse online voting tool, which enables Americans to track and share opinions in real-time during the president's State of the Union speech. Microsoft's, Mark Penn says you can find non-partisan political news, expert commentary, and social media analysis all at Bing.com/Politics. CUT: (Penn) Bing.com/Politics is the best second-screen viewing companion for the State of the Union address. It offers a holistic real-time view of information, reaction, and even sentiment, during this key political moment for Americans. SCRIPT: Penn says the site is powered by Bing search technology and its exclusive social search experience, and is designed to meet the growing need for up-to-the-minute political information and online experiences that are a great companion to political broadcasts. CUT: (Penn) Bing is providing Americans with the data that they've been looking for and the opportunity to more easily share their voice. We believe that Bing Pulse will set the bar for live polls of the modern age. SCRIPT: For more, log onto Bing-dot-com-slash-Politics. That's Newsbreak from Bing.
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