• 01-NOV-2012

  • SOURCE: Sunshine, Sachs & Associates

Bing Launches Dedicated Elections Site

According to a newly launched election site by Bing, real-time analysis across Facebook and Twitter show that the people surveyed favor the president by just four percent. 62% of people surveyed said they felt positive about Barack Obama, while 58% said they felt positive about Governor Mitt Romney.

The site includes the latest news that can be filtered from the right, left and center perspective, up-to-date polls across national, state and local races, analysis of social conversation across Facebook and Twitter, a tracker to find the nearest polling sites, and up-to-the-minute results on Election Day.

The only search engine with Facebook and Twitter partnerships, it is able to exclusively offer people the ability to not only follow trending topics, but also see frequently updated social sentiment scores and analysis to better understand the social conversation happening each day during elections.

On October 31, 2012, the top trending topics on Bing.com/elections were: Gingrich assisting Akin, an audience laughs at Bachmann, and a candidate dies in a West Virginia storm.

Bing's Elections 2012 Survey results, fielded by Impulse Research further reinforce how important social media is in shaping people's opinions this election season. Highlights include:
  • Nearly 75% of respondents describe themselves as active participants in the online political discussion.
  • 34% said their social media consumption around this year's election has increased compared to the 2008 election
  • More than 60% reported feeling annoyed or frustrated with political chatter amongst their social media connections.
  • One in four unfollowed/unfriended or hid a friend on Twitter or Facebook because of their political comments.