• 22-APR-2016

  • SOURCE: Synaptic Digital

Learn How To Play Nice With The Planet?

ANCHOR LEAD: Are we doing what it takes to keep our homes, communities and gardens healthy for future generations? Brian Osuch tells us why today is the day to start a new routine. (:60)

SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. It's Earth Day and the perfect time to focus on ways to go a little greener in your day-to-day living. Jen Boulden is a green expert…

CUT: (Boulden) Make small changes to your cleaning routine. Select a lower water temperature for your laundry, wait until loads of dishes are full before washing and use concentrated cleaning supplies until they are finished, without wasting any of the products.

SCRIPT: Boulden says saving the Earth has a lot to do with maximizing resources…

CUT: (Boulden) Cotton is a great example, it's a crop that does not go to waste and provides textile fiber, food, building materials and even cancer treatments in every harvest. Did you know your old jeans can be upcycled into housing insulation for communities in need?

SCRIPT: And you can learn so much about going green, by going outside… CUT: (Boulden) Now's the time to enjoy the outdoors and your very own backyard! The educational program TurfMutt in partnership with Scholastic Education, teaches families how every day lawns, plants, shrubs and trees should be appreciated and taken care of in a sustainable way.

SCRIPT: For more, visit Jen's blog at JenBTV. That' Lifestyles from The American Cleaning Institute, Cotton Inc. and TurfMutt.


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