• 03-JUN-2016

  • SOURCE: Synaptic Digital

"Race to 153k" U.S. Bank Challenges Americans Across the Country to get out and Volunteer in Their Communities with the Community Possible Relay

ANCHOR LEAD: Do you actively volunteer in your community? A new study finds the answer is most likely, no. But, there is a way for you and your neighbors to get more involved in your local community. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60)

SCRIPT: In the Know, I'm Brian Osuch. A new study by U.S. Bank finds an alarming 50 percent decline in volunteerism nationwide. U.S. Bank Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Reba Dominski says it comes down to three factors…

CUT: (Dominski) They told us that one, that they don't have time, two, they don't know how to get involved and three, they don't want to do it alone.

SCRIPT: In an effort to turn things around, U.S. Bank is using its community-giving platform called Community Possible to create the "Race to 153k."

CUT: (Dominski) Our goal is to involve 153,000 volunteers nationwide, representing 1,000 people for each year of U.S. Bank's history.

SCRIPT: And how does someone get involved?

CUT: (Dominski) Anyone can get involved in the community through our "Race to 153k" in the Community Possible Relay. U.S. Bank will be bringing our awesome mobile baton and our fabulous U.S. Bank volunteers to 38 communities this summer, completing planned and random acts of service.

SCRIPT: For more, go to Stories.USBank.com or follow #CommunityPossible on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Now you're in the know from U.S. Bank.


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