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Busting Down Borders



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ANCHOR LEAD: Anyone who has ever left the US with their wireless phone knows that calling plans can get pretty confusing and expensive as soon as you cross the border. But, those days are changing… Brian Osuch explains how one major company is making us one big happy continent. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. T-Mobile is at it again…and this time they're breaking down the borders across North America. The Un-carrier is unveiling a massive upgrade to their already industry-rocking Simple Choice rate plan. T-Mobile's Matt Staneff… CUT: (Staneff) We started off by including texting and data around the world at no extra cost in our T-Mobile Simple Choice plan. No hidden gotchas – just take your phone and go. Today we're announcing a massive upgrade to that move called "Mobile without Borders" – we're adding Mexico & Canada to your U.S. home coverage area. So you can talk, text and use your high-speed data in those countries on T-Mobile – all at no extra charge. SCRIPT: Last year, a full 35% of all calls and 55% of all travel from the U.S. was to Mexico & Canada… CUT: (Staneff) AT&T and Verizon's data rates can jump an insane 120x or more when you leave the U.S. Now on T-Mobile, wherever you call, wherever you travel in the US, Mexico & Canada, your phone just works. Mobile without Borders is automatically included for everyone singing up for Simple Choice starting on July 15. Existing customers can switch for free. SCRIPT: For more, go to t-mobile.com/simplechoice. That's Newsbreak from T-Mobile.
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