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Not All Wireless Customers Were Created Equal... Until Today



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ANCHOR LEAD: Who isn't tempted by a great deal… specifically if it's for a new phone? But, can you really get those great best offers? Brian Osuch finds out that not all those great deals are for you. (:60) SCRIPT: Consumer Focus, I'm Brian Osuch. It's a dirty little secret the big wireless carriers don't want you to know about…they spend billions annually in advertising amazing offers that many us can never get when we sign up for service... even if you've been paying your bills on time for years! T-Mobile's Matt Staneff… CUT: (Staneff) A large majority of Americans will never be able to get the great offers that the old school wireless carriers push every day because they're really only for those with the best credit. It's outrageous and we think that needs to change so we're changing it at T-Mobile SCRIPT: It comes down to good and bad credit. If you have a less than perfect credit score – you are among the unlucky folks who can't get the good deals. Customers who don't qualify usually end up paying more upfront for their devices. Enter the game changer…Smartphone Equality. CUT: (Staneff) At T-Mobile we value your relationship with us more than what some automated number says so we've created "Smartphone Equality". Simply pay your wireless bill on time every month for a year and you too can get T-Mobile's very best offers and financing – including zero down on the hottest smartphones with our amazing Simple Choice postpaid plan. SCRIPT: For more, go to T-Mobile.com. That's Consumer Focus from T-Mobile.
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