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T-Mobile Unveils 'Jump! On Demand' – A Whole New Way To Get A Phone Whenever Your Want



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ANCHOR LEAD: Nearly half of Americans say they wish their carrier would let them upgrade their smartphone more often. So, they most likely end up stuck with a phone they don't love for far too long. Well, those days are over. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. The summer is heating up as the Un-carrier continues to redefine the wireless industry. T-Mobile is making big moves and updating some of their most popular plans. They're calling it "Un-carrier Amped!" and it starts with an upgrade to the popular JUMP! program. T-Mobile's Matt Staneff… CUT: (Staneff) While the duopoly is doing its best to give customers as little as possible, we're making our popular initiatives even better starting with our uber popular JUMP! program. With JUMP! On Demand, customers can now upgrade three times per year for no extra cost. SCRIPT: Staneff says it gets even better… CUT: (Staneff) JUMP! On Demand is simple. One low monthly payment for service and phone, just like always, but here's the thing, we're now going to let customers upgrade to a new device at any time up to three times per year for absolutely zero extra cost. That's six different upgrades in the same period it would take a Verizon customer to upgrade just once. SCRIPT: For more, go to t-mobile.com/uncarrieramped. That's Newsbreak from T-Mobile. I'm Brian Osuch
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