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Fad-free Tips To Help You Achieve Your Weight Goals



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ANCHOR LEAD: With so many diet fads out there it is difficult to know what really works. Brian Osuch has some tips to help you maintain a healthy weight for the long-term by setting yourself up for success. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. March is National Nutrition Month – a great time to take stock of your diet and make any needed – or desired - improvements. Registered dietitian Sylvia Melendez-Klinger… CUT: (Melendez-Klinger) Start with one small change at a time. To lose weight – or avoid gaining weight – research shows low- and no-calorie beverages can be an effective tool to help you cut calories as part of an overall weight management plan. What's more, these drinks have recently been shown to help you lose more weight and to keep it off better than restricting yourself to just water. SCRIPT: And for those with a sweet tooth? CUT: (Melendez-Klinger) Whenever eating healthier, depriving yourself will only set you up for failure. My secret is to snack on sweet, seasonal fruit to satisfy that craving without a ton of calories. I LOVE Wonderful Halos mandarins which are full of "pure goodness" and packed with vitamin C. They are sweet, seedless, easy-to-peel and at only 50 calories each, a delicious snack for everyone. SCRIPT: For more, visit eatright.org and Halosfun.com. That's Lifestyles from American Beverage Association and Wonderful Halos.
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