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Retaining Your Best People in a Competitive Job Market



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ANCHOR LEAD: It's a question many small business owners ask themselves, how do you compete with larger companies when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent. Brian Osuch may have the answer. (:58) SCRIPT: Business Sense, I'm Brian Osuch. In today's competitive job market attracting and keeping quality employees is crucial for success – especially when it comes to running a small business. Best-selling author and small business owner Gene Marks, shares some tips for happy employees. CUT: (Marks) You got to find out if your people are in line compensation wise with others in your industry. Seek out a couple of other people in your industry, ask them what they're paying some of their key people. SCRIPT: Marks also suggests offering a competitive benefits package that goes beyond insurance… and includes flexible work arrangements. He says there is a resource available to help employers figure out what works best for them and their employees. CUT: (Marks) My favorite small business resource is The Hartford Business Owners Playbook. It's an online tool that helps small business owners run their businesses better, gives them ideas for growing their businesses. SCRIPT: For more information visit TheHartford.com/businessplaybook. That's Business Sense from The Hartford. I'm Brian Osuch.
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