• 09-FEB-2015

  • SOURCE: The Hartford

New Research Shows Frozen Pipes, Hail Damage and Tree Collapses Are The Most Costly Winter Claims for Homeowners

To help homeowners prepare for winter weather, The Hartford analyzed five years of its claims data and surveyed 184 of its property adjusters for their best advice for the season.

This news package contains footage of costly winter hazards and tips for homeowners on how to prepare for winter's worst.

According to the data, frozen pipes, hail damage and tree collapses are the three costliest homeowners' claims.

• While most common in the Northeast and Midwest, frozen pipes happen in all areas of the country and average about $18,000 per claim.

• Hail damage is three times more common in the South than in other areas and roof damage from hail can lead to claims that average $10,000.

• Wind damage and tree collapses in the West are generally larger than other parts of the country and claims can average more than $10,000. By comparison, tree collapse claims range on average from $3,000 to $5,000 in the Northeast, Midwest and South.