• 19-FEB-2014

  • SOURCE: The Linde Group

Linde Enhances Oil and Gas Recovery

Efficient use of oil and natural gas fields requires large amounts of nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Even if global natural gas reserves will last longer than oil reserves, all of these sources must be used in the best possible manner.

In Tertiary or Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), these gases are injected into reservoirs that lie deep under the surface of the earth in order to increase the pressure in these reservoirs, which drops as the extraction period continues. Linde engineers are developing air separation units (ASU) and system modules that can be used to increase the recovery quota of fossil fuels significantly in an environmentally sound manner.

The Linde Engineering division is a pioneer in the air separation industry and has built more than 2,800 cryogenic ASUs in more than 80 countries, including for world-scale EOR and EGR projects in Mirfa, U.A.E., and Cantarell, Mexico.

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