• 05-MAY-2016

  • SOURCE: The NewsMarket

Steals & Deals For Your Summer Vacation

ANCHOR LEAD: It's almost summer travel season and by doing some research and savvy shopping, this can be the year to get maximum bang for your buck and an unforgettable vacation. Brian Osuch has the story. (:60)

SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. Average airfares are at a five-year low, making now a great time to book a flight and head somewhere new. Melisse Hinkle is editor for Cheapflights and says there are ways to find the best deals.

CUT: (Hinkle) Be as flexible as you can with your travel plans, moving your travel dates around even by just a few days can help you save big. Take a look at your alternatives, meaning nearby alternative airports you can fly into or out of, alternative destinations that might offer the type of experience you're looking for and alternative airlines that you might not have flown before. Compare carefully. Does the airline charge fees for carry on and checked luggage? Make sure you know exactly what your flight price includes and what it doesn't.

SCRIPT: Hinkle says there are value domestic destinations that are trending down in price…

CUT: (Hinkle) Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas.

SCRIPT: And for the international traveler…

CUT: (Hinkle) Take advantage of the strength of the U.S. dollar and head to places like London, Costa Rica and even Bangkok, Thailand.

SCRIPT: To compare deals, look for flights and get tips and inspiration, head to Cheapflights.com. That's Lifestyles from Cheapflights.


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