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The Launch of the Lamborghini Urus: 10 Things to Know

Unveiling: December 4, 2017


The first Lamborghini Super Sports Utility Vehicle (SSUV) is unveiled on 4 December 2017 in its home of Sant’ Agata Bolo

Urus is the name of an extinct, wild Eurasian ox that was the ancestor of domestic cattle. The last one was killed in Poland in 1627. Well it was up until Lamborghini trademarked the name. Soon we’ll all be dropping the word into our conversations. That's because on December 4th Lamborghini will unveil the Urus - its first ever super sports utility vehicle at its Sant’ Agata Bolognese site in northern Italy. 

Excitement is mounting over the launch and journalists have been speculating about the design and the performance details of the car. So what do we know about the Urus? We’ve pulled together a list of 10 things you need to know...

  1. The Urus is Lambo’s first SUV since the LM002 which stopped production 25 years ago.
  2.  It was announced at the Beijing Auto Show in 2012.
  3. The brand has a history of naming its cars after Spanish words associated with bullfighting so the name Urus goes against this trend.
  4. The range is set to feature the brand’s first ever plug-in hybrid.
  5. Its traction control system has 6 settings: road; sport; track; sand; dust and snow.
  6. The Sant’ Agata manufacturing facility has been upgraded and features a test track with 13 different surfaces.
  7. The facility upgrade will increase production capacity at the site to 7,000 units a year (double its current capacity).
  8. The new model features 5,000 new parts from 450 suppliers.
  9. The Urus could account for half of Lambo’s sales by 2019.
  10. The price will be…well we don’t actually know. We’ll all have to wait until December 4th to find out!

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